How to Build a Real Robot

“How to Build a Real Robot” is a course organized by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society – Egypt Chapter and given for free to the all interested students from different departments. The objective of this course is to teach students how to build a real robot that can achieve intelligent connection between perception and action. Read more about How to Build a Real Robot[…]


Service Robotics Case Studies in Silicon Valley

Robots are starting to move out of the factory and into more common use as a service industry, where they work alongside people in places that range from the warehouse to the supermarket. Along the way, we need to ask: How do we integrate robotics into society? And what roles can robots play? A new report released today Read more about Service Robotics Case Studies in Silicon Valley[…]



New robots are being introduced constantly, so keep up to date with this eBook which includes: A Review of 19 popular and emerging collaborative robots A comparative chart with all the main specifications of each robot. About each robot you will learn: Key features of the robots Challenges related to each one Pros and Cons of each technology Main Read more about 19 COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS COMPARED AND ANALYSED IN THIS EBOOK[…]


Machine Intelligence and Optimization (MIO)

MIO is a Canadian company dedicated to providing research, consultation and training services in the area of machine intelligence and optimization. Over twenty five years in academia and industry, MIOfounder and principal consultantdeveloped strong experience in the area of machine learning, combinatorial optimization, intelligent data analysis, multisensor data fusion, data fission, robotics and multiagent systems Website: http://www.mioweb.org/


P&G Egypt Robo Competition

Background: P&G Egypt Robo Competition is directed to university and technical institute students in Egypt in order to submit a fully operational model of a robot to fulfill simple tasks at P&G Plant .Projects are subject to a specific scope with certain rules and principles to enable better focused work and higher spirit of challenge. The Read more about P&G Egypt Robo Competition[…]

Survey on your experience with robotics competitions

From Grand Challenges such as the recent DRC, to STEM events such as FIRST, to startup pitches such as Robot Launch, competitions have been used to push the state of the art in the field, inspire the next generation of technology experts, create networking opportunities between startups and investors, and much more. But how effective Read more about Survey on your experience with robotics competitions[…]


The validated learning process for building a hardware startup

Hardware founders should strive for hypothesis-driven development and validate their ideas with customers as early as possible. This can be done before or alongside the prototyping process, but it should absolutely be done before moving toward tooling. Changing your design or switching technologies becomes much more expensive once you’ve moved beyond a prototype, so it’s Read more about The validated learning process for building a hardware startup[…]


Shaping the Future of Robotics and Automation in Egypt

Abstract— The widespread use of robotics and automation in a developing country like Egypt still faces many obstacles. Apart from the high initial cost of adopting new technologies and the macroeconomic situation, there are two other culture challenges. The first is the common belief about the negative effect of modernizing factories with advanced technology and Read more about Shaping the Future of Robotics and Automation in Egypt[…]