The validated learning process for building a hardware startup

Hardware founders should strive for hypothesis-driven development and validate their ideas with customers as early as possible. This can be done before or alongside the prototyping process, but it should absolutely be done before moving toward tooling. Changing your design or switching technologies becomes much more expensive once you’ve moved beyond a prototype, so it’s[…]

robotics in egypt

Shaping the Future of Robotics and Automation in Egypt

  Alaa Khamis IEEE Robotics and Automation Society – Egypt Chapter URL: http://www.ras-egypt.org/ Email: akhamis@pami.uwaterloo.ca Mohamed Aboud Hadath for Entrepreneurship and Innovation URL: http://www.hadath.com.eg/ Email: maboud@hadath.com.eg Abstract— The widespread use of robotics and automation in a developing country like Egypt still faces many obstacles. Apart from the high initial cost of adopting new technologies and[…]


Machine Intelligence and Optimization (MIO)

MIO is a Canadian company dedicated to providing research, consultation and training services in the area of machine intelligence and optimization. Over twenty five years in academia and industry, MIO founder and principal consultant developed strong experience in the area of machine learning, combinatorial optimization, intelligent data analysis, multisensor data fusion, data fission, robotics and[…]